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There are different types of trusts. One of those types is the revocable trust. A revocable trust is a good way for a person to make sure their estate transfers to their beneficiaries, but with flexibility while still alive. For example, a property that earns an income can be reinvested or distributed to the grantor (the person who had the trust created). The grantor can also change the terms of the trust as needed, especially with the help of an experienced Minneapolis revocable trusts lawyer.

Al Gross is in the business of wealth preservation and distribution, which can be done through the establishment of a good estate plan.

Asset Management During Your Life

The revocable trust enables asset management while you are still alive. Your family then enjoys the benefit of being able to avoid probate after your death. This is important since probate is a very lengthy process. Plus, it’s possible that your assets won’t be distributed exactly the way you want them to. A revocable trust also speeds up the distribution process when compared to probate. Trusts are also more private and there’s no need for a conservatorship.

With revocable trusts, you determine when and under what rules a gift from the trust can be delivered. You can state an age, exact date, or another requirement to ensure the distribution occurs according to those rules.

When you have Al Gross heling you, both of you can work together to determine the best course of action to achieve your goals for your family and your assets. He has helped many clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the entire Twin Cities metro establish revocable trusts that have made it easier for families after the death of loved ones.

Guidance For Your Future

What’s more is that establishing a solid estate plan is also a great way to make plans for the future. Not only can you have a revocable trust in your estate plan, but you can have health care directives and other instruments that specify your wishes in case you become incapacitated. With an experienced Minneapolis and St. Paul revocable trusts lawyer helping you, you can have peace of mind that your affairs will be taken care of properly.

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A revocable trust is a great vehicle for protecting your assets and ensuring those assets go to your beneficiaries. You don’t have to be rich to have a revocable trust, nor do you have to have a lot of assets. All you need is something you want to pass on to loved ones. To learn more about how the Gross Law Office can help you, call 612-245-4749 today!


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