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Establishing a power of attorney (POA) is important because it is the act of legally designating someone to make decisions for you in the event you are unable to. The person you designate can make important medical and financial decisions that affect your life and the life of your family members. To make this designation, you need the help of a Minneapolis power of attorney lawyer so you know the document is correctly drafted.

When you work with the Gross law office, you can talk about what you need in case you become incapacitated. It is very important for your family to know what you want. Making your wishes clear can reduce conflict within the family and also make matters easier for the designated agent. If a POA is not in place, the court makes the decision, which may not be what you want.

Creating A Well-Drafted POA

There are three different types of POAs that Mr. Gross can draft. They are:

  1. Springing power of attorney – This type of POA goes into effect when certain circumstances exist, such as legal incapacitation.
  2. Durable POA – A person has the right to make decisions for you while you’re incapacitated.
  3. Non-durable POA – The POA terminates after a specific type of transactions or a certain transaction.
  4. Healthcare POA – This type of POA isn’t the same as an advanced health directive or living will. This document dictates the process used to make medical decisions. For example, the medical staff may need to obtain consent for a specific procedure to be performed. The person with the healthcare POA can give this consent.

The type of POA you wish to have drafted depends on how much power you want to give the person making decisions for you.

Helping You Make The Right Decisions

In your conversation with Mr. Gross, you may find that one type of POA is better for you than another. The most common type that is drafted is the durable POA. It is Mr. Gross’s duty and desire to help you carefully make these important decisions. He has the strong counseling skills that you need on your side so you can ensure you are making decisions that are in the best interests of you and your family.

Contact A Minneapolis Power of Attorney Lawyer

A Power of Attorney is a very valuable tool that you can use to ensure you are taken care of in the event you can’t make decisions on your own. If you are ready to create an estate plan and/or a POA, call the Gross Law Office at 612-245-4749 today!


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