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A healthcare directive is an important document that states your wishes in the event you are incapacitated due to illness or injury and left in a mental state that doesn’t give you the legal capacity to make decisions regarding your health. When you have a healthcare directive, a designated individual and medical professionals have a guide to make decisions based on your preferences. To obtain such a document, a Minneapolis healthcare directives attorney can draft one for you.

At the Gross Law Office, you can obtain a healthcare directive created that ensures your treatment preferences are legally documented. The document will help physicians know what you want for medical care and takes a major burden off of the shoulders of your family. The answers are clear, which prevents family members from fighting about what your wishes are.

A Thorough Living Will

A healthcare directive is also called a “living will.” In addition to specifying your desire for treatment, you can also appoint an agent to carry out your wishes for you. While this is a type of “will,” it is similar to a Power of Attorney because the agent, which is usually a family member, will be able to act on your behalf when making medical decisions.

You can also have a “Designated Caregiver Agreement” created that appoints a caregiver for any minor children in an emergency or temporarily.

When you have these important documents drafted by an experienced Minneapolis and St. Paul healthcare directives attorney, you are reducing the chances that family members will fight over your wishes in court.

Building Solid Estate Plans

It is ideal to have a healthcare directive created when you see your estate planner about making plans for your assets through the use of wills and trusts. Many people opt to have a healthcare directive and power of attorney integrated into their plan so that they are able to plan for potential incapacitation.

If you have not yet developed an estate plan with healthcare directives, it is never too late. Estate plans aren’t just for the rich. Anyone can benefit.

Contact A Minneapolis Healthcare Directives Attorney

If you don’t yet have a healthcare directive in place, now is the time. By having this legal document in place, you ensure that your family and doctors are well aware of your wishes when you are unable to speak for yourself. To learn more about how Mr. Gross can help you, call 612-245-4749 today!


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